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Here is an overview of our product highlights.



AIS + DSC + HOMING alarm

When activated, the easyRESCUE-PRO rescue transmitter triggers an alarm simultaneously in the AIS system as well as in the DSC GMDSS emergency call system and also at 121.5MHz homing. For your own personal safety, you can take full advantage of both technologies in one device. Because in an emergency, every second counts!


AIS MOB incl. DSC “closed loop” & “open loop”

The AIS MOB easy2-MOB combines with AIS and the DSC Distress Call two different alarm functions in one device and is the perfect solution for the “man overboard” emergency.
The easy2-MOB transmits DSC in “closed loop” and “open loop”.
According to the new standard, automatic triggering can be deactivated using the slider.

A22800 easy2-MOB Titelbild Rendering



AIS Class B Transceiver SOTDMA

The easyTRX3 has a robust and watertight housing, offers modern connections, as well as a high transmission power with the SOTDMA technology (self-organized transmission method and reservation of the next transmission interval).
In addition, the easyTRX3 can also be conveniently configured from home.


AIS Receiver| Multimedia-Center

The raspAIS is a portable AIS receiver in a small space. The device receives AIS Class A and Class B signals, which are forwarded to a connected terminal. In addition, the 4 USB slots keyboard, mouse, mass storage, etc. can be connected.

easyAtoN type3

AIS AtoN = Aid to Navigation

AIS transponder as a navigation aid to enable nearby ships to identify buoys, beacons or floating objects in real time on the AIS chart display.

easyAtoN type1

AIS Aid to Navigation transmitter

An AIS transmitter used as a “navigation aid” to provide the location and identification of buoys, lights and markers to nearby vessels and show them in real time on AIS chart displays.

AtoN A19302 easyAtoN-Type1 Titelbild



Objekt Tracking via VHF

The system enables the permanent location and monitoring of ships and moving objects in a specific area via VHF technologies. The vmsTRACK is a small portable position transmitter that transmits via FM radio at a pre-set time interval.


Tracking beacon with bidirectional SAT communication

Unlimited traceability, thanks to permanent tracking and monitoring of ships and other moving objects via VHF and satellite communication via Iridium® Satellite.

vmsIONEER Titelbild


Position transmitter for buoys

The easyPOS’N’HOOK is attached to a buoy and transmits the current GPS position every 3 minutes on a custom frequency. The position of the buoy is displayed on a card viewer or PC screen on board the ship.


Locating – Marking – Measuring

The easyAIRDROP-rechargeable is developed for multi-usage purposeses. The package contains the VHF based personal locating beacon easyPOSALERT to support rescue teams, such as SAR airplanes or SAR helicopters. The AIRDROP unit can also be used by research teams doing current measurement or from flight patrol members looking out for dangerous objects floating in the water.

A167 easyAIRDROP gelb Titelbild

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with integrated AIS S.A.R.T. Transmitter

Only with a life jacket can be ensured that the head of a person overboard is held over water. Together with a Rescue Transmitter from Weatherdock also the exact GPS position of the person can be determined which allows a fast rescue.